Clement Luah a.k.a Sienna Blaze

This week I chat with Clement a.k.a Sienna Blaze. 


Just over 20 years ago I sustained a head injury that caused my right eye to create a cataract and after surgery and without proper healing started you has been built over the lens and covered it so I am completely blind. My left eye had started going blurry in the middle of 2019 but thought was due to stress as I went to see my doctor and that’s what they said. When lockdown happen in 2020 things started shifting downward and I try to get a doctors appointment but everything was closed due to lockdown. By the time I was able to get a doctors appointment it was not till the fall of 2020. I have been waiting for the surgery for my left eye which was supposed to be a routine cataract surgery but has been pushed back due to delays in certain time because of the pandemic.

Growing up I grew up as a very artistic child. And had a wonderful opportunity to work as a professional circus from when I was a teenager till my lovely adult life. Then I found the love of drag. I have been a drag queen performing professionally all over Canada and the United States for the past 16 years. I am also a pass empress of Vancouver Canada which basically was a title that was elected by my community and I was crowned and got to fund raise money for my community.

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