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I was recently asked if the smart speaker was a good thing for someone with vision loss.  You bet and here's why.   Amazon Echo/dot or Google Home/Mini you pick the product. 

This week discover the new app from Microsoft: Seeing AI.  It reads short text, items in your pantry, and more.     Check them out here.

This is a follow up to last week. Something new from apple.

We are back with a quick tip on how to get your iPhone to read text is on the screen. Here is how: Settings- General- Accessibility- Speech Turn on speak selection and speak screen...

Blind Travelers Network

This week we speak with Stacy  who has started a new website for blind travellers to give teps and reviews of places they have travelled.    you can find them here Blindtravele...

This week we continue our conversation with the PTC.  I chat with Alex and Skyler, who teach at the centre.  We talk JAWS and NVDA.  

This week I had the opportunity to visit the Pacific Training Center For the Blind in Victoria BC.  I talked to Elizabeth Lalonde about why she started the centre and what tech sh...

This week we answer the question.  Why did you start this podcast?   Next week, part one of the Pacific Training Center for the Blind. 

WeWalk New White Cane

This week I chat with Batu from WeWalk about their amazing new white cane.   find them at  

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