This week I chat with Paul from Aira. You can find out all about this AMAZING APP at

Get the APP for free in the Google Play Store or in the APPLE app store. 

Our assistive service blends wearables technology, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. Aira empowers a network of trained, professional agents to remotely assist people who are blind or low vision with virtually any task, every day. All without a sighted assistant nearby. We transform daily life into a liberated and fully independent experience.

Why we do it.

We believe a loss of immediate access to visual information is the real challenge of blindness. As technologists and innovators, we are passionate about restoring that access to anyone, anytime wherever they need it. We enable our users to fully Engage, Explore and Experience the world.

What's in a name?

Our name is derived from two interesting sources: the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Remote Assistance (RA). We are innovators on a mission to make the unseen accessible to all.

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